The Six who will be making the attempt to complete the entire 180km .... then again, NONE of this would be possible without the rest of the VWS members ... their support, assistance, words of wisdom, time and fundraising efforts... really it's 6 hikers with the spirit of almost 200!

I am Ruedi Siegenthaler, born in 1960 and brought up in Switzerland where I learned the trade of a toolmaker. In 1983 I have immigrated to South Africa where I became a citizen in 1992.

I spend most of my free time outdoors either somewhere in the wilderness or volunteering for the VWS (since they started in the season 1999-2000) or doing some work as an Honorary Ranger in the Table Mountain National Park.

I also have been involved with various sports; I have represented South Africa 4 times at the Senior World Orienteering Championships over the years. Have done several multi day hikes and by one of them ended up on top of Africa the Kilimanjaro. I also have done some long distance adventure racing (250km plus) and run the most beautiful marathon in the world, the 2 Ocean Marathon

Why I want to do the “VWS Endurance Challenge”?

As I often have been involved with challenging things like that and with my sporting background it’s almost impossible to let an opportunity like that slipping past me :-). I firmly believe, I still have got the stuff to do it and seeing this as a marketing and fundraising campaign for the VWS, I'm proud to be part of a team who is taking on the Endurance Challenge.


I am sTiv – VWS Chairman, with a Capital T, ending in an obtuse vowel – it’s a typo that dates back to around 1993 that just stuck; if you respond in kind, you’re cooler than you were before.

I have been a volunteer with the VWS since 2005, wheedling my way up the hierarchy of headaches so that now I help to steer our organisation from the top… and when it was suggested that I join the team hiking 180kms over a bunch of peaks, I should’ve applied some leadership authority and said NO!  But I like a bit of crazy mixed in with my volunteerism, and like the objective of raising money for excellent quality PPE for our firefighters even more.  So this is me, thinking positively (and hoping the superfit version of me post VWS Endurance Challenge scores a date or two… wait, can a Chairman say that!?)

I look forward to your enthusiastic (and financial!) support of our endeavour.


I (Ryan) have always enjoyed sports and the outdoors. For the past 6 years I have really been into trail running and exploring what the mountains in our ‘backyard’ have to offer. I feel most relaxed in the outdoors and enjoy a physical and mental challenge. The VWS appeals to my sense of adventure, willingness to get my hands dirty and working hard for something I believe in. You won’t meet a more genuine and down to earth bunch than members of the VWS and I can’t wait to take part in this challenge alongside them.


I am Peter Wynne and I have been a VWS member for 2 years now and in that time have seemingly spent more time there than anywhere else but loving all I do there. In the time that I don't spend around Newlands base I am a Masters student studying chemical engineering.

I really enjoy being on the mountain (whether hiking or fighting wildfires) and once suggested doing a 'small walk' which has snowballed into this mammoth endurance challenge. However, I am really looking forward to attempting this completely insane event, especially because it is a fund raising effort for a fantastic cause.

I think I have finally gone completely crazy... I definitely hope it is for a worthy attempt.

What has motivated you to partake in this challenge?  A question that has come up often in the last few weeks and indeed one that has multiple answers.  As a member of the VWS I have a vested interest in doing all I can to not only promote our presence and activities but to assist in fundraising where I can to enable us to continue to serve the community (people, plants and beasties) as best as we can.  I think that this challenge will develop our “brand” as well as give us something to be proud of.  I spend as much of my life as I can on “my mountain” and the idea of seeing it in all its glory from beginning to end is something that is not to be taken lightly.  I love the idea that this challenge has a physically demanding element – there may be tears at the end!  I am proud to be a member of the VWS and want everyone and then some to know about us …. Let’s hope that this challenge gets us one step closer to that goal.  See you all on the mountains ... Cheers, Kate

I (Tarren) am a born and bred Capetonian in my 30th year of life.  I enjoy mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, sailing and pretty much anything that gets me out of the sprawling city and into nature.  I have an interest in the small things and would rather find myself examining the order of the ants than a lion.  My love for nature stems from my parents and the footing they afforded me for which I will always be grateful.

I have been a volunteer wildfire fighter for 5 years and take pride in knowing I have helped save some of our precious mountains vegetation, animals and insects. 

The Endurance Challenge seemed like a perfect way to salute our mountain, learn its contours, generate interest in what we do, get fit for the fire season and earn some donations to purchase equipment and run the VWS unit.

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