The VWS Endurance Challenge

In a nutshell, the idea for the VWS Endurance Challenge is to have a group of VWS members hike a route totaling 180km from Cape Point to Signal Hill, summiting various peak along the way over 250m.  Such a challenge has long been a dream of many a trail-runner and hiker on the Cape Peninsula; we give kudos to those who have gone before us in working on this "challenging" endeavour namely JP van Belle, the original brain behind this concept. Our main difference: we are attempting to be the first people to do the whole 180 km route in one continuous walk.

This is not a challenge for the faint hearted.  It is going to require hours of training and organisation before we even get to Cape Point on the 30th of September.  Then once the hike has started those attempting this feat of endurance will require a team of well organised volunteers to provide back up along the route at all times of day and night.  Our members will need to be out en masse to generate awareness on route as our steadfast hikers pass through areas where maximum exposure can be generated and this is no easy job in the heat of the day in full fire kit. The team of 6 making the complete attempt will need to gauge each others well being to ensure that they all make it to the other end of all those peaks as one group.  They will be pushing their minds and bodies to the limit as they traverse 180 km of mountainous paths and ascend over 7000 metres.  This is much the same approach that our teams of volunteer fire fighters need to display whilst training for and executing fire suppression.  We will be out proving ourselves to everyone.

The success of this endurance challenge does not rest solely with the men and women wearing yellow uniforms.  We are only successful if the public get involved.  Success implies meeting our aims; creating awareness and raising funds and we cannot do this alone.  Please stop us on route, come outside to see us passing through accessible areas along the route and please sponsor our members.  Through your generosity we will be able to equip our fire fighting teams with better Personal Protective Equipment, additional training and possibilities to enable them to do their job better.  This is our natural heritage and we are here to protect it.  We will only succeed when we reach that magic number; R500 000.00 and you appreciate why we’re attempting this absolutely crazy hike! 

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